I know we have been slow to update! We appreciate your patience and it will be rewarded with new information and new products as well as products that have been gone from the site for awhile. If you don’t see the item you would like to purchase, you may still place orders by emailing Contact@EarthMotherBotanicals.com! We appreciate your patience!


Who Is Earth Mother Botanicals Ltd?

Earth Mother Botanicals Limited is a Barbadian company producing a 100% natural skin care line from organic herbs, fruits and flowers grown locally, combined with high quality oils and other purely natural food grade ingredients. No chemical preservatives, colors or fragrances are added. Therefore, they are non-allergenic for most people and are gently healing for the skin. The scents come from the fresh plants and only pure essential oils. Earth Mother Botanicals offer safe and effective natural skin care products that are “GREEN” and Environmentally Friendly.


Our products are being recommended by Pediatricians, Dermatologists, Podiatrists and Family Physicians in Barbados as well as in the UK and Canada. More than ten years of testimonials from customers speak to the products’ effectiveness. We grow the majority of the fresh plants that we use so that we know what goes into our products from the ground to the finished product. The herbs are processed immediately so that potency is maximized and not lost to oxidation.

Our products are formulated for their healing effectiveness and aromatherapy benefit.

Products range from natural soaps and family skin care to Spa treatments and hotel amenities. Earth Mother Botanicals currently supplies products to Supermarkets and Pharmacies, Medical Offices, Gift Shops, Hotels, Villas and Spas including the 5 diamond Sandy Lane Hotel and Spa, Waves Resort Spa, Chakra Spa at Accra Beach Resort, Sugar Cane Club among others.

We have five retail locations of our own: Sheraton Mall, Four Crossroads St. John at our production facility, GAIA Airport in the departure hall and the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal.  We also have a cart at the Holder’s Organic Farmers’ Market every Sunday.   If you’re visiting Barbados, come and visit one of our locations for a personal touch from our fantastic staff.

We trust you will make a healthy and ethical choice for your skin care needs.

Green Blessings, Earth Mother Botanicals Ltd.

Who is Earth Mother Botanicals NorthWest?

Earth Mother Botanicals NW is a sister company started by our CEO, Amy LeMay who is a recent graduate of Bastyr University in their Herbal Science program.  Bastyr University is considered the Harvard of Natural Medicine and it is an honor to be accepted into their programs.  Amy wanted to establish website sales for Earth Mother Botanicals Ltd. in the Seattle area but also wanted to offer a new line of products made here in the Northwest.  Some of the products are being developed as a result of Amy’s own experience with cancer and the side effects of treatment.  These have become the topics of research for some of her classes and she hopes to have them available on the website soon.  Keep checking in, we’re moving forward.

Green Blessings, Earth Mother Botanicals NW