GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK By Christina Williams (BSc (hons.) MChS, SRCh)

Organic, natural, chemical free, ethical

Beauty products that are non-toxic are fashionable. There are several organic luxury skincare lines on the market. Consumers are becoming more aware of what they use on their skin and are sourcing alternatives to the conventional skincare lines.

Earth Mother Botanicals is unique. Their line has a more rustic approach to chemical free skincare by incorporating locally sourced raw materials which have significance to the brand being Barbadian. They have taken traditional herbs and updated their use.

The two products that I recommend most often in my practice are the Green Earth Soothing Skin Salve and the Neem Nail Oil.

Green Earth Soothing Skin Salve is an oil based product that is very effective in combating dry skin, particularly severe hyperkeratosis caused by fungal infections. The product absorbs very easily and does not have a strong smell making it more appealing for clients to use. I recommend this product particularly to diabetic clients who due to the disease process may have anhydrosis or the vascular effects leading to vulnerable skin that needs special care. The salve can also be used very effectively on the cuticles and dry nails. It is overall an all round great product that is by no means exclusive to feet as it can be used anywhere that needs soothing. It is particularly popular with the elderly as some of the ingredients evoke childhood memories.

Neem Nail Oil is particularly effective in treating oncychomycosis (fungal nail infection) oral medication is not an option for every client and fungal nails require regular consistent treatment to cure. Most topical treatments last over six months so it is important to have a product that is chemically free if the use is for this length of time. Neem oil is a god send to expectant mothers and those breast feeding who still want to treat their fungal nails during pregnancy and after without fear of harming their baby.

“Barbados should be exceptionally proud that there is a brand that is allowing us to follow the ethical trend and increasing public exposure to chemical free living.”

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