Green Earth Healing Skin Salve


ECZEMA AND OTHER SKIN CONDITIONS Green Earth Soothing Skin Salve is a combination of three traditional Caribbean herbs that, testimonials from customers have shown, are very effective for a whole host of skin challenges. We have heard of good results with stretch marks, dark marks, scars and skin fungus.  We have even had several customers report removing some types of moles with the Green Earth Salve in as little as two weeks. We have had customers use the Green Earth Skin Salve on rashes associated with Rosacea, Lupus and Shingles with good results as well as some skin conditions that I can’t even pronounce and couldn’t even begin to try to spell. (See Clinical Information for more details) It is being recommended by Dermatologists for eczema and psoriasis, by Podiatrists for venous ulcers, wound healing and cracked dry skin. Pediatricians are recommending it for diaper rash, cradle cap, mosquito bites and other infant and childhood skin challenges. One of our production staff created a new facial treatment using the Green Earth Salve and one of our facial scrubs. She applied the Green Earth and applied the facial scrub over it without water.  Let it dry for at least half an hour (she left it on overnight).  Rinse it off and skin is so soft and supple, wrinkles were minimized and blemishes started to fade.

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