Saama Medha Face to Foot Lotion


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Saama means “with Ama” (toxins) and Medha means “Adipose tissue” (subcutaneous fat) in Sanskrit, the language of Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is the oldest recorded system of medicine in the world.  This system is still alive and practiced today as a wholistic form of medicine that treats the body, mind and soul.  These products are formulated with Ayurvedic knowledge and philosophy.

Saama Medha Body Lotion moisturizes as it helps break up cellulite and releases it from tissues.  Heat and friction work with the herbs to help break down the cell walls of cellulite so that toxins can be released and eliminated.  The herbs and essential oils in this lotion are also antimicrobial and can help protect while moisturizing.  Use this lotion on face for help managing breakouts.

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